Why do Children Need Cavities Treated

This is the fact that children would lose their current set of teeth in order to get the permanent teeth regrown. But still, they need these deciduous teeth taken care of because they also need to eat and drink without any dental complication. Furthermore, the good health of temporary teeth can ensure better health of the adult teeth. This is the reason that dentists suggest better oral hygiene for kids in the same manner as that of adults.

However, the kids may end up having cavities even if they follow dental hygiene instructions. In this case, the cavities need to be treated. As a matter of fact, the cavity care for children is very similar to the cavity care for adults.

Teeth filling
This is one of the first things that dentists suggest in order to treat the cavities in deciduous teeth. The treatment mainly involves drilling in the cavity area for the purpose of removal of infected remnants. After thorough cleaning, the drilled area is filled. This treatment ensures the longevity of temporary teeth until they naturally fall off.

Filling of tooth decay
Decay is basically the worsened form of cavities. Hence, the treatment may require extra attention. This is the reason that decay usually required metal, ceramic or gold filling. These fillings are rarely required for children but there can be the cases like this. In those cases, the filling mentioned above may not be preferred by the children or the parents mainly because of the way they look. But it remains the ideal way of preserving the teeth.

In case the decay recurs
Although the tooth decay in child is properly treated and filled, there remains a fair chance for the decay to recur. In that case, the dentist will remove the filling, clean the area thoroughly again, and fill the gap with the material of your choice.

Trauma and other issues can also make the filling a requirement
Children play carelessly and they may end up getting injured. Most of the times, they receive trauma on their dental structures. If the teeth are cracked or broken, they are most probably going to require the filling in order to get the functionality back.

Apart from trauma, other natural deficiencies such as irregular shape which can lead to bite problems may also require the teeth to be treated and filled. Sometimes, a weak tooth may need to be shaped for the placement of crown.

Extraction may be necessary
Preservation of teeth is the ultimate goal of most of the parents, but there can be the cases when extraction becomes inevitable. This usually happens when the tooth infection is so severe that it starts infecting the gums. In that case, the dentists are usually left with no option other than extracting the tooth. Afterwards, the dentist may fill the gap suing some material in order to ensure that the space remains sufficient for the adult tooth/teeth to grow.